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Web Development

We design and develop web sites that look great on any screen size, in any modern browser. From very simple "business-card" static ones to very interactive portals connected to payment providers, social networks, your own and your partners' data. We build your web presence based on your current needs, with tomorrow scalability in mind.

Mobile Apps

Do you have many mobile device users, but in-browser web applications are too limiting? Your users travel a lot and their internet connection is not always available? No problem, we will build you mobile smart apps to run natively on the phones and tablets. Those apps will allow them to work offline productively, without losing any data or waiting for the next hotspot or cell tower. Let them to do their thing on the plane, in a subway car, on the back roads, corner of middle and nowhere.

Windows Apps

You and your users still prefer Windows applications for the best possible user interface, integration with legacy applications and fastest keyboard/mouse input? We have 15+ years of experience building those applications. Deployment of Windows applications used to be painful for organizations. Not anymore! We develop applications that your users can install with few clicks and get updates automatically.

Cloud-based services

You won't ever need a piece of your own server hardware to support you business needs. We develop services for you and host them in state-of-the-art data centers. Those services connect together all your web, mobile and Windows applications. With cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS your data is safe, available 24/7 and always backed up. Your service usage have big spikes on certain dates or during certain seasons? We will automatically scale your services up and down. No more idling computers at your expense.